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I was filmed as a little kid on 8mm. Hung out on the farm with all my cousins, brothers and family, and we'd sleep on a long row of beds set up outside on a hill and go to bed under the stars. 

My parents had something called 8-tracks in the house and before VHS, there was "Beta". I watched Saturday morning cartoons with my brother (back then there were 3 of us, before I had 5 brothers, and I'm the oldest--but still young). I played with Transformers and He-Man, and would go to the arcade or ride bikes with my brother and friends. 

When not out somewhere with friends doing something crazy like shooting bottle rockets into sewer tunnels, I'd have my face in books, and when I wasn't reading I was writing all sorts of stories which my friends in school would read... 


I've lived in the country and also experienced big-city life. Have had lots of great family time, including taking the younger ones out on made-up adventures. All my life, all my reading, my friends and family, my wife and son, my travels, the movies, all have been inspiration for my constant drive to write. And this writing started when I was about 6 and has carried forward and is my heart. I still have my stories from way back then--they tell me I'm the same wondering, imagining kid I always was.


I love being in touch with my readers and carrying on in my career of what I love doing best--stirring the wonder and imagination in those who come along with me for the journey.


Wayne Haroutunian

Wayne Haroutunian is a novelist,

poet and short story writer. 

His fiction has appeared in 

Under the Bed Magazine, Theme of Absence Magazine of Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction, 

Black Petals Magazine, Aphelion Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, THE Sirens Call, Antipodean SF magazine (and narrated on a radio show),

he's received two Honorable Mention awards 

in Writers of the Future, 

and an Honorable Mention for his story

"Stranger" in Allegory Magazine

readers (as well as those with license inquiries) 

are invited to contact him through

the contact form.

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