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"Loved it! Now need a hard copy signed by author! 

It is that special! Read it!"



“Haroutunian is closing in on a new type of writing that's refreshingly different

and exciting at the same time.”


"This story is a MUST READ!

Fast paced, honest, 'lean and mean'—no excessive verbiage anywhere.

The pictures Haroutunian paints with his pen are crisp, well delineated—they stand out so vividly. ...Pictures jumping out at you with the reader propelled forward—like the movies."



"Great imagination.”



"Wayne Haroutunian is a natural! The story is incredible!" 



"Haroutunian writes fascinating stories and dialogue.

It's like a walk through a dreamscape."



“I could totally see this as a movie.”



“This story is very nostalgic for me.

I equate it to the movie Stand By Me.”



“I have been reading Book of the Month Club books for months and

I loved this better than any of those!"



“Couldn't put it down. Sooo good!"




“Beautiful and honest.

A book I would buy for gifts 

and put on my special books shelf."



“Haroutunian paints scenes with words.”



"Nowhere Man and Orange Girl is one of those stories 

that I just had to know what happened next.

I would actually wake up in the middle of the night sometimes 

and read more for an hour or so. ... 

This story would make a GREAT movie!"



“Page turner! Engaging!”



“I cannot put Wayne Haroutunian’s stories down.” 



“VERY well written. VERY suspenseful.

Had me on the edge of my seat....

I couldn't put it down!"



“From page 1, I could not put this story down! 

Haroutunian did such a great job telling this story. 

I actually get kind of teary-eyed when I think of the story itself. 

I loved it! It's so tenderhearted and real 

and I can just imagine a movie being made from this story.”



“Excellent piece of work!"



“This would be an ideal movie 

and would keep you on the edge of your seat. 

A refreshing, unique love story 

not to be missed." 



“This story had me go through many emotions, happy, shocked, sad, angry,

and tears of joy!!!

What a great author Wayne Haroutunian is!!!

I look forward to reading more!!!” 



“My GOD you are some kind of writer!!” 



“Keep up the awesome writing. I look forward to the next one.“ 



“The story is very unique. I have read a lot of books—never read anything quite like this one.

I look forward to reading more!! 

It has romance, suspense and a bit of magic.

Very well written! 

I highly recommend it!!” 


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